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Server Concept

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Necro is designed to bring you a massive gameplay experience with the idea of keeping Silkroad as it is! We have created a concept that will challenge you on a daily basis so you and your friends get stronger and stay sharp for aslong as the server runs.

Not only that, your daily activities have effect on every other aspect of the game. You will have to watch what you do and do it with care.

Both PvP and PvE elements of the game have been enhanced to give you different ways to get to the top but don't get too comfortable, you'll have to manage to stay there which means you'll be facing challenges to keep yourself relevant and strong. PvP has never been such a big part of the game, it is all about competition with ranks everywhere, stats everywhere, judgement left and right and failure around the corner, no longer are you just going to bot your way around and expect to reach the top like that.

Don't be fooled, PvE has also gotten a big improvement, partyplay is important; wether it's just farming stuff or unique hunting, you will be judged and yes, this will affect your journey. Around PvE you'll have to pave your for yourself because nobody else is going todo it for you.

The base of the server is still much Silkroad like and the old Necro you know. We haven't introduced new skills or new Seals, those are all useless!

Necro Perks

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The Launch & Team

We are committed to provide you the best SRO experience. We need you to be with us, to help us deliver the best. #NECRO is a 120 CAP Server that’s developed with love and having in mind both game aspects PVP & PVE. We’re building the server with the community’s ideas and suggestions. We have an active forum & discord server available for you to add suggestions, give feedback or just general chit chat with the community. Your feedback is extremely important to us as it helps us decide on what future updates may contain and many other attributes of Necro.

The server is expected to launch soon, before that we will continue to improve and stabilize the game. With your help we can make sure to have a smooth and pleasant launching process! Not only that; we expect you to help us testing the server when needed, we want our players to have a say in the things we apply and/or modify so we can deliver the best experience possible.

Before we launch we expect to go through some stages. These stages are all laid out and explained on your right hand side if you are on desktop or below this text if you are on mobile. We want to carry out these stages carefully and will have certain points in which we will invite some of you to join in and test functionality. Each time something is found our developers will take the time they need to fix bugs and issues.

While we have alot of features in mind we don't expect all of them to be available at the start, mainly because we have experienced issues before when we pushed for everything at once, we do not want any unexpected bugs and gamebreaking issues so in this case we will ask you for your patience and help when needed.

What else?

We will compensate our testers and helpers with some nice rewards which will show our appreciation for your help. What these rewards might be is currently unknown but we'll make sure to let you all know when the time is there. We also want you to know that the server will most likely get reset from Open beta to Launch ALL ACCOUNTS WILL BE WIPED ON GO!

The Team.

We would like to welcome everyone back who played Necro before but we also invite new people to come and take a look at the new Necro! We also want you to get to know the BlazeGN team.

  • ZICO - Has been in the scene for a very long time and has been a part of the biggest servers and projects within the Silkroad Community (ESRO (Emulator), Zelos Online, Diamond Online, Atomix Online, Perfection Online and many more). Has been away for a while been but now he's back with the revival of Necro!

Launch Roadmap

Orange is current stage.
  • Development Stage

    Server Concept is being made, features being added and functions being tested and adjusted.


    Staff invites a handfull of players to test functions and added features.


    Developers repair and adjust functionality accrodingly from found issues, bugs, imbalances etc...


    Staff once again invite players to test functionality and report issues, bugs etc... This stage is close to launch


    Developers fix bugs reported and apply changes. Also new functions are tested.


    Open Beta will transition into launch if no big issues are found. Necro will then launch and is free to play!